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[Theme] A 1 A [Project441]

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1[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] Empty [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] on Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:47 pm


Download Link (thanks to Curley5959 and Kisai): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

There are alot of features that bring this incredible theme together. Take the Quick Bar feature for example.

The "Quick Bar" consists of 6 SpringJump pages which jump to a certain page.
One of the icons on the Quick Bar is "Home"
The Home button is the SpringJump page 0. It provides quick tap access to the main page where the "Launcher" appears (Ill explain the Launcher in a bit)
The rest of the Quick Bar contains:

  • Tools
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Utility
  • Media
Tapping any of these will bring you to the respective category, which you can place 19 of your most used icons, and a "More" icon. The More Icon is quite self explanatory, its a category app which you will place the rest of your apps. A "More" Category is on each section.

Now lets talk about the Launcher. The Launcher also consists of 5 icons, but are actual apps, instead of springjumps. These apps are to be placed on the springboard below the clock panel. The Launcher consists of the following apps:

  • Settings
  • App Store
  • WinterBoard
  • Mail
  • Cydia
Required Apps and Extensions:

  • WinterBoard
  • SpringJumps
  • iBlank
  • Categories (CategoriesSB is recommended)
  • My theme
  • Five-Column Springboard
  • FivelRows
  • Five Icon Dock
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] O7ixaq [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 11icqq0
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] Wwcavm [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 332v0jc
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 27x2uyr [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 2zp0acz
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 6z11cl [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 30vgcgn

[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] Vem15h [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] A1ic6d
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 211p404


Step 1: What you need before you start
A jailbroken iPod or iPhone with Cydia installed, Install the following:
- iBlank
- SpringJumps
- Winderboard
- Categories
- CategoriesSB (optional) <--Lets categories load faster)
- A 1 A [Project441] theme
- Six Icon Dock
- Five-Column SpringBoard
- FivelRows

Step 2: Creating the iBlanks Open up iBlank and create 30 iBlanks
Place 5 iBlanks on each page.
There should only be 6 pages.

Step 3: Creating the SpringJumps Open up SpringJumps and enable pages 0 - 5
After your done that, place all 5 icons on the dock organizing them by smallest to biggest (far left is 0, far right is 5)

Step 4: Creating the Categories Open up Caterogies, and create 5 new categories, naming them the following:
- Tools
- Games
- Apps
- Utility
- Media

Place each categories where they belong:
- Tools on the second page
- Games on the third page
- Apps on the fourth page
- Utility on the fifth page
- Media on the sixth page
Each category should be the first icon on the second row on their page.
Dont organize your apps in the categories just yet.

Step 5: Organizing the springboard Now its time to do some organizing:
Take 19 of the most apps you use of each category and place them on the page they belong. For example, see the picture below? and how 19 tool apps are placed in the tools page?
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 154hw0p.png%3E%3Cbr%3E%3Cbr%3EDo%20this%20for%20each%20page.%3Cbr%3EOn%20the%20utility%20section%20I%20placed%20all%20the%20devices%20stock%20images [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 2z69u6q
[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 2gx3a85 [Theme] A 1 A [Project441] 2e1hc1h

[Theme] A 1 A [Project441] Vmx7qd

Now whats left to do is organize any other apps into their respective caterogies.

And place the Launcher apps (WinterBoard, Settings, Cydia, App Store) on the second row of the first page.

PHEW! That must have taken a while! dont worry, that was the hardest part, so now you can relax and ENABLE YOUR THEME VIA WINTERBOARD!




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