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Yoga 4 Dudes Fully Loaded v1.0

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1 Yoga 4 Dudes Fully Loaded v1.0 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:35 am



Cracked by: AppCake

App Description

"This App is an incredible value — the corresponding DVD costs $9.99!"

Yoga4Dudes: 5000 years of Hindu tradition...right out the frickin’ window!

The original, SEXY and HILARIOUS non-workout workout, Yoga4Dudes is to exercise videos what chicken nuggets are to health food: it’s not an exercise video at all, just beautiful, scantily clad women doing yoga!

WINNER of the IGN.com Editor’s Choice Award and a top comedy show on Time Warner VOD and Ripe TV, Yoga4Dudes is now available, in its entirety, as an App! Uncut, uncensored...the way the Dudes intended it!

It’s perfect. No effort! No painful stretching! Just kick back and watch
supermodels Tara Rice, Holly Weber and Noemie Lagier do the workout for you, guilt-free cause it’s all legitimate yoga...what an angle!

Yoga4Dudes: Fully Loaded is the complete Yoga4Dudes show including all wallpapers out-takes, behind-the-scenes footage, bonus clips and more, ready to view immediately. All together, over 30 minutes of hot non-stop yoga action!

Yoga4Dudes is a sizable download, but it’s worth it. This app doesn't stream grainy clips over the wireless network. Instead the high-quality videos are preloaded in the app. That means they’re available to view anytime, anywhere. And it’s the super-high production quality that you’ve come to expect from Stuff4Dudes.


“Pop in the DVD and get comfy on the couch, it’s time for Yoga class!” - Playboy

“Yoga4Dudes may just be the crowning cinematic achievement of the year!!” - IGN.com

“On a scale from 1 to 10, Noemie is a 40.” - Couch Potato Interactive

“...Tara’s...really flexible. Really, really flexible.” - AskMen.com

“Holly, you're so fine you make a straight women curious.” - J.P.

“Should be in every male’s DVD collection. Rating: 9/10” - Techzone.com

“One sexy joke... We recommend not standing up suddenly." - Savvy.com

“You boys are awesome...hilarious!!” - DiddlySquat

(Log in to stuff4dudes.com to watch preview clips.)


Fully Loaded (this app) is the complete Yoga4Dudes show including all wallpapers out-takes, behind-the-scenes footage, bonus clips and more, ready to view immediately. All together, over 30 minutes of hot non-stop yoga action!

However, if you’re still on the path to enlightenment and aren’t quite ready to commit, you can download the FREE Yoga4Dudes: Starter which includes several clips, wallpapers and bonus features from the show. If your device is connected to the internet, you can use In App Purchase to upgrade to Yoga4Dudes: Fully Loaded at any time!

Whichever path you choose—purchasing Yoga4Dudes: Fully Loaded now or upgrading Yoga4Dudes: Starter later from within the App—you still end up with all the same glorious content for the same low price!

Or you can miss out and just stick with the free version. Whatever, it’s your karma.




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